Hi there! Rami O. here.

The past two years have been a whirlwind of chaotic moments for pretty much every one of us on this beautiful planet. We questioned everything. We realized that we had to rethink our lifestyles collectively, be kinder to each other, and focus on what mattered in our lives.

I heard people use words like gratitude, love, and self-care more often. I felt that people all over started paying closer attention to the simple things. I find that to be very powerful.

Amid all this chaos, my family and I had to leave our home country in the Arab world like millions of others, a country we invested a lot of our love in, for many many years. We had to move to another city in another country far away and turn the page. We were displaced.

I shifted my focus back to the simple things with this big move. I realized that we must invest our love in our new cities and homes. We must show these cities gratitude. We must take pride in these places. And for me, the best way to do this is through our beautiful Arabic language.

This is how “Min Qalbi” – an expression in Arabic meaning, “From my heart” – was born. 

What is Min Qalbi?

It is a Montreal-born lifestyle brand that aims to uplift the beauty of the Arabic language within global communities. Min Qalbi is open to creative collaborations within all disciplines. Min Qalbi stands for love and ardor.

And by the way!

If you wish to order a city of your choice in Arabic calligraphy, contact me 🙂

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