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“The depth of Rami’s design work is what draws you in. Intelligent, practical, thorough, sophisticated. The work is based on listening and understanding. The product has impact and an ever-lasting quality. As the co-founder of Yoga Souk Beirut, I am eternally grateful to have had the chance to work with Rami and his team who created our studio’s brand identity, one I will never get tired of…”

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“I met Rami four years ago in Beirut and he has been a very attentive listener to our work at Temporary Art Platform, a small international institution dedicated to socially engaged contemporary art. His positive energy, proactive attitude was a great push for us! In times of scarce funding, Rami offered to introduce us to his network of friends and collaborators which was very beneficial to our small organization. We have tremendously enjoyed our collaboration over the past two years. His input and pro-bono work has been extremely valuable for us to uplift our visual identity without losing touch with who we are. Rami strives to understand the people he is working with in order to best deliver what they’re looking after. He is timely, thoughtful, generous and incisive. He takes the time to go over every minute detail, creating a strong and trusting connection with the people he works with. Most of all, his positive energy is contagious !! We cannot recommend Rami highly enough for his multidisciplinary visual, design and copy writing skills. “

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“On the occasion of our 10-year anniversary, we needed to rework our visual identity. As always, we wanted to work with the best, we therefore approached Rami, a seasoned professional with brilliant creativity. At the beginning of the process, he took the time to fully understand Burgundy’s culture and aims, so that his design work ultimately was a reflection of our company’s true essence. Throughout the process, he was willing to hear our feedback and suggestions, and the result was a highly refined and elegant finished project. We wholeheartedly endorse Rami for those who want to do things differently when it comes to design. He is both analytical and creative in his process and takes the time to genuinely understand the business he is collaborating with. His professionalism, dedication, and eye for detail will no doubt impress anyone who is fortunate enough to come across him. We as Burgundy intend to pursue a long partnership with him.”